Parent classes: File

A MemoryFile is a particular File which is able to perform basic read/write operations on a buffer in RAM. It implements all methods described in File.

The data of the File is contained into a NULL terminated CharStorage.


Constructor which returns a new MemoryFile object using mode. Valid mode are "r" (read), "w" (write) or "rw" (read-write). Default is "rw".

torch.MemoryFile(storage, mode)

Constructor which returns a new MemoryFile object, using the given storage (which must be a CharStorage) and mode. Valid mode are "r" (read), "w" (write) or "rw" (read-write). The last character in this storage must be NULL or an error will be generated. This allows to read existing memory. If used for writing, note that the storage might be resized by this class if needed.

[CharStorage] storage()

Returns the storage which contains all the data of the File (note: this is not a copy, but a reference on this storage). The size of the storage is the size of the data in the File, plus one, the last character being NULL.


Longs will be written and read from the file as size bytes long, which can be 0, 4 or 8. 0 means system default.